Fundraising Event for Vets Beyond Borders

Dr.Pete Gets The Snip! No,It’s not what you think…

peter scissors.jpg

On Thursday 9th of May 2019 ,Dr. Pete had ‘the snip’ (his thick mop of hair shaved off) for charity!

He had been growing his hair for over 4 years prior and had decided it was time for it to go and what charity could be more fitting than Vets Beyond Border’s . He also wanted to donate his hair to people of have lost theirs through cancer or Alopecia.

Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) is an Australian animal charity established in 2003 which helps to improve the lives of animals and humans in developing communities around the world. Through its VetMatch and VetTrain programs, VBB deploys volunteer veterinarians, veterinary nurses and other animal welfare workers across the globe to deliver animal health and education programs where they are desperately needed. In Australia, VBB’s AVERT (Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team) program has volunteers standing ready to deliver prompt treatment to animals affected by natural disaster or outbreak of exotic disease. 
For more information about VBB's programs and how you can help, please visit

We managed to raise $4,072.46 towards this great cause and our loyal followers got to watch ‘the snip’ live as it happened via the clinic’s facebook page!